The media makes the property development industry seem easy and one of the best ways to make money, but what does it really involve and are you cut out for the job?

So, what does property development involve?

Being a property developer involves buying a property, developing it via renovation and then selling or making a profit by renting it to the public. This often involves purchasing cheaper properties as they need to be updated with repairs and maintenance. See what improvements you could make.

Why should you become a property developer?

Anybody can become a property developer as there are no qualifications required to get started. All you have to do is buy a property and sell/rent it for a profit.

In addition to this, the financial rewards from property development are appealing. If you start to build a substantial portfolio people will be more attracted to your services. With our tips and tricks, you can do things properly!

Expenses that you should expect

Without a doubt, developing a property will bring up unforeseen costs, therefore it is important to set a budget aside so you can cope with them.

You will need to budget for:

Also, if you have taken out property development finance, then you will need to pay this back with the amount decided with your lenders. See what’s involved.

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